Google will discontinue call history and chat on July 31, 2024. Download your data now!

Google to Discontinue Chat and Call Features in Google Business Profile

Google has decided to phase out the chat and call functionalities from its Google Business Profile service, a significant change for many businesses that have relied on these tools for direct customer communication.

Sudden Announcement Through Business Emails

Businesses were surprised when Google quietly announced this change via email, with no prior public announcement. This decision has led to queries from several media outlets, including TechRadar, which reached out to Google to clarify the reasons behind this change and how it might affect the businesses that depend on these features.

Google Reaffirms Its Dedication to Business Support

Despite removing these functionalities, Google’s email to businesses underscored its ongoing commitment to supporting their operations through other enhanced tools and services. The message reassured recipients, stating, “It is important for us that Google continues to be a helpful partner in managing your business, and we remain committed to this mission.”

Detailed Timeline for Feature Phase-Out

The discontinuation process is set to begin on July 15th, when businesses can no longer start new chat conversations on the platform. Google will also send notifications to existing chats, informing them of the imminent removal of this service. By July 31st, all functionalities of sending chat messages and accessing call histories will be disabled.

Google has reassured users that businesses will remain accessible via Google Search and Maps, ensuring that basic contact capabilities are still available.

Recommendations for Businesses to Prepare

In anticipation of these changes, Google advises businesses to secure their communication data by downloading their chat and call logs using Google Takeout. This service enables businesses to archive their interactions and maintain records independently of the platform.

Furthermore, Google suggests that businesses should proactively guide customers engaged in active chats to alternative communication channels, ensuring a smooth transition and continued engagement.

Potential Strategic Implications for Google

Removing these features, though not among Google’s most utilized services, may inadvertently push users towards platforms offered by competitors like Meta, which hosts enterprise chats across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Such a shift could encourage businesses to reconsider their dependence on Google’s ecosystem, potentially moving more of their operations to these rival platforms, with broader strategic drawbacks for Google.


What are the best alternatives to Google Business Profile’s removed features?

Businesses should look into CRM systems, social media platforms, and customer service software that offer similar functionalities.

How can businesses ensure data privacy while maintaining customer communication?

Adopting secure communication platforms that comply with data protection regulations is crucial. Regular audits and privacy checks can also enhance security.

Will the removal affect the overall functionality of Google Business Profile?

While the removal changes how businesses interact with customers directly through GBP, the core functionalities remain intact, allowing businesses to manage their online presence effectively.

How should businesses prepare for future updates from Google?

Staying informed about changes and being flexible to adapt to new tools and features is key. Additionally, engaging with a community of GBP users for insights and strategies can be beneficial.

Are there tools that integrate seamlessly with Google Business Profile for better customer management?

Yes, several third-party tools and plugins integrate well with GBP, offering enhanced features for customer management and analytics.

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